4 ton gas boiler essential heating area

2022-03-28 14:48:28

Gas boilers have obvious advantages, such as environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency. As a heating boiler, it can be used as a heat source for central heating, providing heat energy for schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and other places. How much heating area can a 4-ton gas boiler meet? How to choose a gas boiler with a suitable tonnage for a building that needs heating? Fangkuai Boiler is here to help you.

Generally speaking, it is more common to use gas-fired hot water boilers for heating. There is a heat exchanger inside the gas-fired hot water boiler, and there is no need to purchase heat exchange equipment. It can output hot water of two different temperatures to meet heating and domestic heat supply water needs.

It is very important to use gas-fired hot water boilers for heating. Whether the boiler is energy-saving is very important. How to identify whether a boiler is energy-saving enough can be identified by knowing the operating cost of the boiler per hour. The operating costs of gas heating and water heaters mainly include: fuel costs, electricity costs, water costs, labor costs and maintenance costs, among which fuel costs account for the highest proportion.

4 ton gas boiler

So, what is the gas consumption of a 4-ton gas-fired hot water boiler?
       1. The output of the boiler is 2.4 million kcal/h;
       2. The thermal efficiency of the boiler is 94% (the thermal efficiency of the hot water boiler is slightly lower than that of the steam boiler);
       3. The calorific value of natural gas is 8600kcal/m³;
       With the above parameters, the gas consumption of a 4-ton gas hot water boiler can be obtained: 2.4 million kcal/h÷94%÷8600kcal/m³=74m³.
       This is the gas consumption of the 4-ton gas-fired hot water boiler when it is running at full load. However, when the gas-fired boiler is actually running, it is generally not at full load. In the actual heating process, the heating boiler generally runs for one hour and shuts down for two hours.
       Therefore, the gas-fired boiler only needs to run for 8 hours a day. At the same time, the gas consumption of the boiler in steady state operation is about 15% lower than the gas consumption when the boiler is just started.

When selecting a gas heating boiler, the maximum heat required for heating should be calculated. The parameters required for the selection of a gas hot water boiler are as follows:
       1. Heating area;
       2. The required heating temperature;
       3. Floor height;
       4. Whether the building is well insulated.

For Fangkuai Boiler's gas-fired hot water boilers, 1 ton can meet a heating area of ​​10,000 square meters, and a 4-ton boiler can meet a heating area of ​​40,000 square meters, which can be said to be very objective figures.

Also, when you are selecting gas boilers for heating, it is generally recommended to choose two or more gas-fired hot water boilers. The two boilers can be used as backup and one can be used, or the heating can be adjusted according to the heating needs of users. load, avoid waste, and ensure that when one boiler encounters an emergency, other boilers can operate normally for heating.


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