Small natural gas steam boiler

2022-05-23 10:57:32

Small gas-fired steam boilers are a class of boilers classified according to boiler capacity/tonnage. Most of them have a capacity of 0.5 ton, 1 ton, and 2 ton. They are more suitable for enterprises that do not have greater requirements for boiler output steam, or some "modules". Boiler, the capacity of each boiler is relatively small, and then multiple small boilers are connected in parallel to be used as a whole.

small natural gas steam boiler

So, if you want to buy a small gas steam boiler, which products are more suitable?

       1. Vertical gas steam boiler

       This type of boiler is a vertical structure. Compared with horizontal boilers or other structural forms, the overall structure is relatively small. The overall area of ​​a 1-ton vertical gas-fired steam boiler is less than 1 cubic meter, which has almost no effect on the boiler room. It is required that as long as the transportation pipeline and auxiliary equipment are connected, it can be used normally, and it can even be placed indoors like an air conditioner, which is very convenient to use.

       2. "Euromonitor" series gas-fired steam boilers

       This series is the unique product of Fangkuai boiler brand. After years of technical research and testing, Fangkuai Group finally launched a boiler product that combines water tubes and fire tubes, and achieved a technological breakthrough in reducing boiler water volume. Not only can it effectively save the overall floor space of the boiler, but the steam output speed is also very fast, and it can output steam within 5 minutes. There is no need to output steam after burning fuel for half an hour or longer like other types of boilers. , saving fuel consumption. We suggest you: If your industry needs to start and stop the steam boiler frequently, it is recommended to use this boiler, which can save a lot of fuel costs.

       3. Horizontal gas steam boiler

       This series of boilers adopts a horizontal structure with a minimum tonnage of 1 ton. Compared with vertical boilers, the floor space of horizontal boilers will be increased. It is recommended that some manufacturers that need large-tonnage steam boilers use them, and the thermal efficiency can reach more than 98%.


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