1 ton oil hot water boiler for heating

2022-05-26 10:01:23

Can I use an oil-fired hot water boiler for heating? Of course, not to mention that hot water boilers are mostly used in heating, oil-fired boilers use oil fuel, and it is also safe to transport fuel through pipelines or cans, and oil fuels are retrieved and used all over our country. It is very convenient. The use of oil-fired hot water boilers for heating can be said to be a combination of safety, convenience, peace of mind and peace of mind.

However, when heating, how to choose a fuel-fired hot water boiler, boiler tonnage (or power), boiler type, and number of boilers are all heating users need to consider and carefully consider, so that the boiler used for heating will be suitable.

How to determine the tonnage and number of heating oil-fired hot water boilers? Fangkuai boiler brand said so.

high efficiency oil boiler

The selection of boiler tonnage is generally calculated by calculating the total heat demand according to the heating area and domestic hot water consumption of the project site. If you want to make the tonnage of the boiler more accurate and avoid the wasteful selection of large boilers and insufficient selection of small boilers, in addition to taking into account the main factors affecting the heating effect in winter, such as building type, wall insulation, and ventilation heat consumption, it is also necessary to In-depth understanding of the characteristics of users' use of heating and domestic hot water, including heating peak hours and frequencies, daily and monthly differences in heat demand. All these details are in place, and there is no worry that the boiler cannot be selected with the appropriate tonnage and number.

After the user's total heat demand for heating and domestic hot water is determined, you can ask him about the choice of equipment power and number of equipment including standby boilers. How to choose the boiler power? Is it high power or low power? This should be determined according to the characteristics of the project's thermal use, the operating efficiency of the boiler in the actual operating state, and whether the total heat output of the boiler matches the user's thermal demand.

But it is said that when you buy a fuel-fired hot water boiler, you must look at the operating efficiency of the boiler. After all, the higher the operating efficiency of the boiler, the more energy-saving and money-saving the boiler will be.


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